This ticket is valid for the place, date and time indicated on the front and will allow its holder access to Sky Costanera, subject to the following conditions:



1) Prior to access, the holder of this ticket will be subject to a review carried out for security reasons by Sky Costanera personnel.



2) The holder of this ticket will not be able to access Sky Costanera or will be expelled from it, without the right to a refund, if said revision is not allowed when transporting, consuming or under the influence of alcoholic beverages, drugs and illegal narcotics in general; weapons of any kind or other articles that pose a risk to the health and integrity of people, such as lighters, glass bottles and flammable substances, or who engage in risky, reckless conduct, contrary to morals, good customs or public order on the premises.



3) The holder of this ticket must preserve its integrity and legibility, avoiding its deterioration and exposure to the sun or any heat source in order not to damage its thermal print. This ticket can be requested by Sky Costanera staff during the visit.



4) Minors cannot enter Sky Costanera unless accompanied by an adult, the latter will be responsible for their conduct within the establishment.



5) Animals are not allowed.



6) The validity of this ticket may be postponed by the management of Sky Costanera when necessary due to the occurrence of acts of God, force majeure or security reasons, in which case this circumstance and the new dates will be disclosed to the public within which the holder will be able to access the Sky Costanera.



7) Photographs cannot be taken on Sky Costanera for commercial or advertising purposes, but only for private and personal use.



8) The administration of Sky Costanera does not recommend the entry of pregnant women or people with heart conditions or that affect blood pressure or other conditions that evoke symptoms or react to altitude or atmospheric pressure, with which, it will not be responsible for the risk they assume or damage who suffer in such facilities.



9) Once this ticket has been purchased, returns will not be accepted, except for legal reasons. nor may it be resold or given away in promotions or offers without express written authorization from Sky Costanera management. Sky Costanera is not responsible for tickets not purchased through the ticket sales system. For more details on the instructions, requirements and hygiene and/or safety standards that the holder of this ticket must comply with within Sky Costanera and other conditions of sale, you can visit the website www.skycostanera.cl