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Cencosud Shopping, Rut 76.433.310-1, domiciled for these purposes at Av. Kennedy 9001, 4th floor, Las Condes, Metropolitan Region, has prepared this Privacy Policy and Treatment of Personal Data with the purpose that Users, have knowledge about the personal information that the platform collects regarding them, as well as the way in which it is used and the purpose of its treatment.


It is noted that any modification made to this policy will be informed in a timely manner on the website, without prejudice to the acceptance by the User at the time of making the next purchase. An updated text of this policy will be kept published on this platform.






The User may visit this platform without the need for registration. Notwithstanding the foregoing, you may create a personal account or profile on the platform by entering your name, last name, Identity Card number, date of birth, email and contact number in the form that appears on the screen. Finally, you must create an access code, which will be secret and non-transferable. The use of the secret key will be the exclusive responsibility of the "User".


The mere visit to this platform does not impose any obligation on the User, unless they have unequivocally accepted this Privacy and Data Treatment Policy.


It is important that the User bears in mind that when he accepts his incorporation into the platform, he declares that the background or personal data that he provides, hereinafter the Information, are substantially correct and correspond to reality, and must communicate any modification or change in these , as soon as they occur, with the User being personally responsible for the consequences that non-compliance may cause.


In consideration of what is previously mentioned, the User expressly consents that, as a result of their incorporation into this platform, the Information that is accumulated, collected, received or collected from Users, may be subject to:


1. Storage: Understanding as such the information file in places specially designated for this purpose;


2. Processing: Understanding as such the mechanisms and processes that allow the "User" to be provided with the services offered;


3. Treatment: Understanding by such any operation or complex of operations or technical processing, automated or not, that allow the collection, storage, recording, organization, processing, grouping, selecting, extracting, confronting, interconnecting, dissociating or canceling the information;


4. Provision: Understanding such communication, assignment, transfer or cancellation of personal data or use in any authorized manner.


The Information stored may be used for the purposes that are expressed below:


1. Validate purchase information, report the status of the purchase, report the status of a possible claim associated with a purchase and to make product changes, product repairs or refunds associated with a purchase.


2. The preparation and/or improvement of the products and/or services that the platform provides to the Users, as well as the design of new products and/or services for them;


3. Send all kinds of information, such as technical background, advertising, offers and promotion of products and/or services, whether from this platform, or from any other company that is part, or will become part of the Cencosud Group; and


4. Carry out individual and/or collective studies of any kind, such as studies on demographics, history, User behavior and market research; always taking care of the reserve and confidentiality of personal data in the manner required by law.


The platform may provide and communicate to the rest of the companies that are part, or will become part of the Cencosud Group; all or part of the Information provided by the "User", in which case the recipient must meet any of the following requirements:


1. Being a person related to the ownership or management of companies that are part, or will become part of the Cencosud Group; I


2. Being a subsidiary or controller of the same, or a legal person that is under the common control of companies that are part, or will become part, of the Cencosud Group; and/or the companies with which they establish commercial agreements for the development of strategies related to their line of business.


The platform will ensure that the recipient of the aforementioned information guarantees that it will be treated under appropriate reserve parameters and that, in the event that the "User" opposes the use of this, it will be eliminated from the respective records. Finally, both this platform and the aforementioned recipients may only use the Information for the purposes previously reported. The "platform" will ensure that the recipient of the aforementioned information guarantees that it will be treated under appropriate reserve parameters and that, in the event that the "User" opposes its use, it will be promptly eliminated from the respective records.





Cencosud Shopping S.A. will keep the User's data as long as they are required for the fulfillment of one or more of the purposes specified in Point No. 2 of this Privacy Policy and Treatment of Personal Data; the foregoing, without prejudice to the rights of the User.





The User will have the rights of access to the personal data collected, as well as the rights of cancellation, rectification and opposition. The personal data of Users must be modified when they are erroneous, inaccurate, misleading or incomplete, or they must be eliminated when their storage lacks a legal basis or has expired, and all other rights conferred by Law No. 19,628 on Protection of Private Life, and the Political Constitution of the Republic.


Likewise, the User will have the right to revoke the treatment authorization, in which case the revocation will produce its effects in the future. You will also have the right to request that advertising communications not be sent to you. For the above, the User must send a written communication to the email mentioned in Point 5 of this Privacy and Data Processing Policy.





Users, without prejudice to what is indicated in point No. 6 below, may exercise their rights by sending their requests, claims and/or queries to the email:





Controversies that arise in relation to the provisions of this Privacy Policy and Treatment of Personal Data of Cencosud Shopping S.A., may be brought to the attention of the Local Police Court corresponding to the domicile of the consumer or the domicile of the supplier, at the choice of the consumer. ; without prejudice to the jurisdiction of the ordinary courts of justice for other types of matters, as established in Law 19,496 on Protection of Consumer Rights and Law No. 19,628 on Protection of Private Life.





The quality of legal representative corresponds to Mr. Ricardo González Novoa, with address for these purposes at Av. Kennedy 9001, 4th floor, Las Condes.








To meet security objectives, has the secure hypertext security protocol (HTTPS) which uses a communications encryption system called TLS.


To recognize when a transaction is protected by a secure server, the User must check if a key or a closed padlock appears in his browser at the top of the address bar, depending on the browser used.


These security measures prevent the registration data of clients, their commercial transactions, from being violated or handled in an uncontrolled manner, in addition to validating parameters and controlled handling of errors for their mitigation.





A cookie is information stored in the User's browser, which allows to know the User's activity on the platform. They will only be used to deliver a personalized experience, help the User navigate more efficiently and deliver advertising information related to the User's interests.


The User may block or delete cookies in the toolbar of the browser. However, you should be aware that this could disable some features of the platform, for example those necessary to make a purchase.


Regarding non-registered Users, does not capture information regarding specific activities. However, reports are generated that allow us to see anonymous consolidated activity.





Google Analytics is a tool for data analysis that, through the use of cookies developed by Google, allows obtaining statistical information related to Users who visit the platform.


Additionally, it is used to display advertisements on other websites associated with the Google content network, based on the User's previous visits to the platform.


Users will always have the right to disable the cookies noted in the preceding paragraphs, and cannot avoid said action in any way.



4. IMPORTANT WARNING does not make calls or send messages requesting and/or confirming personal data for any purpose. In such a case, the User is requested to end the conversation and contact via email indicated in this Privacy and Data Processing Policy.




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